Audience Rave Reviews


“Hillary’s Success Beyond Belief presentation was one of the most enriching experiences I have had in my life.”

– P. Norton, Senior Management, Welch HealthCare and Retirement Group


“Hillary is like Robert Kiyosaki meets Wayne Dyer.”

– Dan Millen, President, Rock On! Boston Concert Promotion Company


“Hillary is extremely motivating and relentless in her belief that everyone has a true purpose in life and will persevere.”

– Deborah Stark, Job Seeker

“I highly and unhesitatingly recommend Hillary as a speaker for women and money. She is a wonderfully inspiring, graceful, and articulate woman, who happens to also be a Prosperity Coach. Hillary offers an original and transformative perspective on money. The day I heard her speak was the day my issues with money began to dissolve, really! In short, Hillary’s a wealth of knowledge (pun intended) and a gift to the universe. If you ever have a chance to hear her speak or a chance to work with her one-on-one, seize the opportunity! Who wouldn’t want to lead a prosperous, successful, meaningful, and pleasurable life? Hillary shows you how with grace and ease.”

– Rosemary Brutico, Quintessence Communication, Public Relations



Said about Hillary’s ‘Taking The “Work” Out Of Your Work Search’ presentation:

“This was a great presentation. Through Hillary’s ability to help develop the process of soul searching and finding oneself, I learned to articulate my true net worth and began to learn how to fly once again. Seems like we all get bogged down in our routine and forget who we really are and what we are best at. Hillary is one of those rare individuals with astute intuitiveness, who can certainly help people return to themselves. I am so excited. Her type of morale boost and the spiritual aspect to the presentation really made me look within. After a year of unemployment and waiting for the right opportunity, I applied
what I learned in making my next decision and I was graced with a VP of Sales
executive position the very next week! Thank you!”

– Mike Sapienti, VP Sales, IBM



“I’m a business owner who attended Hillary’s
Challenging Your Money Mind$et  presentation last December. Hillary opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about and treating money, which had a profound impact on me. Since then, I’ve become a ‘student’ of the Law of Attraction, devouring the materials recommended, plus exploring others. After making a habit of implementing these practices, there’s been a big shift. Q2 was
the most prosperous quarter I’ve had to date in my business, and money has literally come from places I never expected. Thank you so much, Hillary, for introducing me
to prosperity thinking!”

– Chris Vasiliadis, President, Signature Faces, Inc.



“Hillary Harris is a wonderfully motivating speaker. She presents with a thorough knowledge and practical real life stories. Hillary teaches you how to respect and how to deal with integrity matters concerning money and relationships. Her style is clear and concise. She can help you turn your life around if you really want to.”

– Linda Marshall, presentation attendee


“Thank you, Hillary, for the gems in your
Money Mind$et presentation. Because of your insights I have changed/modified my view of money and have attracted more business.”

– Sasha ZeBryk, Professional Speaker


Said of ‘Taking The “Work” Out Of Your Work Search’:

“I received more from this one hour than from two years with a retained search consultant.”

– Scott Calisti, Retired Naval Officer, Job Seeker



“I left Hillary’s presentation with a refreshed sense of possibility, inspiration to start over, and permission to stick to my goals.”

– Kathy Moore, Job Seeker


“Uplifting and inspiring presentation about the essentials of life.”

– Steve Parnell, Job Seeker


“The best positive approach to job hunting I’ve seen.”

– Jerome Kalkhof, Job Seeker

“Hillary’s presentation was right on target. I cam away with a clearer understanding of how to continue my job search.”

– Stephen Doucette, Job Seeker


“The hour I spent in Hillary’s presentation taught me more about myself and my relationships, and gave me more good solutions than my first two years of college.”

– Kara Stafford, Northeastern University Student and Conference Attendee


“Hillary was inspiring! She provided the ground rules for success with myself.”

– Neakai Lewis, Program Coordinator, XCEL Women’s Leadership


“Next time you’re looking for a great speaker on a number of different topics, please consider Hillary. She is….marvelous!!!! I’ve had the pleasure of seeing and participating in her seminars twice in the past few years and she is truly motivating. A top notch speaker indeed!”

– Lois V. Pike, Litchfield, CT, author of Embracing Life – Living With Chronic Pain

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