Client Rave Reviews


”Best Coaching money I ever spent and I’ve hired a lot of Coaches for my Staff!”

– Matt Stinner, Senior Managing Director, Pearl Meyer & Partners,
Comprehensive Compensation

“Hillary was able to get to the heart of the issues at hand very quickly and help me see my life in a way that led effortlessly to the answers I needed. She’s different from the other coaches I’ve talked to; she clearly has all the technical skills a good coach needs, but she also uses alternative techniques VERY effectively. Hillary uses a variety of strategies tailored to bring out the very best in me. Her intuition is right on and really helped to clarify things for me. In just a few months, she helped me make a quantum leap in my personal and professional growth.”

– Johanna Lyman, Certified Financial Manager, Financial Advisor,

Merrill Lynch Private Client Group


“After working with Hillary for the better part of the last fiscal year, I was thrilled to find a 25%+ growth in my business…. She’s taught me to focus on who I want my clients to be, helped me better price my self and my services and helped me find strategies to grow my business and cope with everyday challenges.”

– Caroline Stanley, President/CEO, Red Jewel, Inc.


“Hillary is like Robert Kiyosaki meets Wayne Dyer.”

– Dan Millen, President, Rock On! Boston Concert Promotion Company


“In 2005 I decided to hire a Life Coach. Sometimes making substantive change in your business plan or personal life can be a major challenge. I found Hillary to be an outstanding Intuitive Strategist. She helped me get started on a whole new journey and kept challenging me to follow my passion. I highly recommend Hillary as a coach. She will challenge you to open your mind and to make life decisions based on your passion and not your ego. Thanks Hillary.

– Michael Cameron, Business Owner, father and husband


“When I was going through a coaching training program myself, I decided to hire a personal coach to experience first hand what I was being taught versus the reality of being coached. What I didn’t anticipate was the extraordinary experience I would take away.
I was blessed to have Hillary as my mentor coach. Coming from an entrepreneurial background, I am a highly motivated individual and it takes a great deal to keep upwith me. Hillary not only kept up with me, but she was able to “dance the dance with me” without missing a step. Her intuitiveness is a gift. She is uniquely “gifted” and a well-rounded coach. She taught me perhaps one of the most important lessons of my life – BALANCE.

I experienced such an incredible “shift” both personally and professionally to my total being, I am privileged to say that I had the honor of having Hillary Harris as my Coach and Mentor. Partnering with Hillary is a prosperous journey that will bring you to a new level of well-being and success that lasts a lifetime.”

– Shelley Oglan, Mexico

“‘Listen to yourself. You are the most important person in the world.’ This phrase is repeated so often that’s is very difficult to believe it anymore. Thousands of books, gurus, spiritual guides all espouse it. I had heard it so much myself – and tried to believe it – that by the time I met Hillary, I believed it to be simply marketing designed to sell more books. Hillary led me – gently, quietly – into accepting the message. And…now I understand the importance. It’s the granite, the bedrock you must find within yourself to build the future you want. The genuine affection and thankfulness I feel for Hillary is astounding. What’s more, I feel, wholeheartedly, that she can do the same for others.”

– Mike Whalen, The Computer Valet

“My work with Hillary was profound and transformational. It was a HUGE investment in me and it made me totally step out of my scarcity mentality and comfort zone. After working with Hillary, I reached a profound level of peace and prosperity. I am in a whole new place and I am in the flow of God’s abundant blessings.”

– Kathleen Hassan, Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Author of Miss Understood:
Teen Girls Unlocking The Secrets of Their Soul

“How do you live a more stress free, balanced and healthier life while simultaneously becoming more successful in terms of your personal and business goals???  Work with Hillary!”

– Thomas E. Fleming, Director of Training, Certified Networker Program


“Being coached by Hillary was an eye-opening experience. Her insights, humor and direct approach to coaching was of great value to me during a time of significant personal and professional transition.”

– Mary Gallagher, Coach

“Hillary has been able to help me see the glass as half full rather than half empty — no mean feat! I have experienced proof of Hillary’s strong belief in allowing the universe to give me what I want and need. What a powerful belief!”

– S. F., Sharon, MA

“Coaching has been the catalyst to living the life of my dreams. Hillary has helped me find my strength and my inspiration to live that life I have been dreaming about.”

– S. Lawlor, Westwood, MA


“I had this thought/image/knowing that came as a metaphor for you, Hillary, as coach: You are a wise mirror that reflects back who I am, but with compassion and understanding. So I see myself, but, rather than just seeing the reflected physical image of me, I am able, through you, to see my soul-self as well. (I thought of the magic mirror in Snow White who spoke the truth to the Queen even when she did not want to know it!) Thank you for being a clear vessel who is able to serve as gentle messenger. Thank you for having the courage to follow your truth and for sharing the gift of your self with all of us (your clients!)”

– Doreen Treacy, Dorchester MA


“Hillary acts as a catalyst for you to realize how to become your OWN catalyst for your life. Instead of being an armchair quarterback, you begin to see that you can actually be THE QUARTERBACK and make your own dreams come true.”

– Dan Junkins, Corporate Relations Representative, Linkage, Inc.



“Hillary is a master of life strategy. She has a wonderful mixture of a wise soul and a youthful spirit!”

– C. Carew, Coach


“Thank you for your support during the initial start up of my new job in April 2001 as Vice President of Sales for a national managed-care company. Along with the job came a huge sales quota, not to mention that now working from home was new to me. With your coaching, I was able to organize myself to be successful working from home (and loving it too) and to develop a strategy to begin to build my pipeline. The marketing letter that you helped me construct allowed me to land the largest revenue generating TPA client our company has had! It is a 3 million dollar account! WOW!! I truly believe that working with you really impacted my thought process on what it takes to be successful!! Thank you so much!!!”

– Cindy Hom, Vice President of Sales, Managed Care Company

“Hillary’s patience, love and gentle nudges changed my life. Hillary guided me through my blockages and limitations with prosperity to a place where I now embrace money and have a healthy relationship with it. I am enjoying living as a prosperous man. Thanks again Hillary ~ you’re a superstar.”

– Ari Chase, San Diego, CA

“Hillary has the gift of getting to the heart of the matter. She has impacted my life in such a terrific way. I have learned to trust myself and to listen to my own inner wisdom. Hillary has helped to raise my awareness and my energy so that I can be open and accepting, especially as it relates to prosperity and abundance.”

– Cecilia Willer, Coach


“Having only recently started working with Hillary, I have found that she has kept me focused on what I really want out of life. I always look forward to my next session. Her confidence in me and her belief that I will achieve my goals has given me a new way of thinking, approach to my goals and confidence in myself.”

– C. C., Boston, MA


“During the time that Hillary coached me, I gained very useful insights in working with my consultants in my business and also in dealing with my teen-age children! Ultimately it all boils down to personal “aha’s” when a neutral party (like Hillary) asks the right questions leading you, first, to uncover your limiting patterns of behavior and then, second, to discover more freeing choices in responding to situations.”

– Helen Harlow, Future Executive Senior Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics


“Working with Hillary I discover new aspects of myself and continue to grow as a human being. Specific accomplishments that have enriched my life: During the first year of my Coaching with Hillary I set a goal of getting married within 3 years. Within 6 months I began the relationship I had always dreamed of having…we were married a year later!”

– Kim Keefe Swasey, Director of Health and Fitness, Yankee Candle Company


“I met Hillary at the Successful Women in Business conference in the Spring of 2003. Before I began working with her, I was confused, at a standstill and had fear of debt. I needed to clean up my finances before starting my business. As a result of working with Hillary, I have put the events of my life into perspective. My business is started, up and running! Thank you, Hillary!!”

– Renee Baldo, President, Unlimited Potential, LLC


“I attended my annual jewelry show… and, for the first time, I was prepared for the gift that I received in the very first 5 minutes of my arrival! I had been looking for a sales rep. and, just as I walked in the door, I was sent a sales rep. who was top notch. I am thrilled. So now all my bases are covered. That is prosperity and your coaching allowed me to receive and put out to the world that I was ready to go forward. I would tell the world about this. In fact, you can use this e-mail to tell future clients of the magic I feel you possess and share. Thank you, Hillary!”

– Joi Frankel, President, Designs By Joi, Inc.

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