Prosperity Coaching & Intuitive Guidance


Hillary Harris, founder of SOUL PURPOSE, is a Prosperity Coach, Intuitive Strategist, Transformational Speaker and Life & Career Purpose Guide. With over 18 years as a catalyst inspiring others toward their dreams, she creates a dynamic partnership with her clients to support them in attaining and exceeding their goals while producing extraordinary results along the way.

Hillary works with individual clients, on both personal and professional levels, to discover their soul purpose, pursue their true passion and eliminate the blocks that stand in the way of achieving and maintaining real abundance, prosperity and success. She works with businesses to create and powerfully operate from an inspired vision such that each employee, and the company as a whole, functions with purpose, effectiveness, and powerful intentionality. She empowers her clients to expand their vision of what is possible and challenges them to accomplish their greatest desires while remaining grounded in what they value most. What her clients get is the opportunity to define their own path, find peace and balance at home and work, and live their most fulfilling life. The added benefit – they get what they really want and they do it their way…effortlessly!

Hillary’s background includes technology sales and marketing, market research consulting, customer support, executive search consulting/recruiting, leadership training and development, and the Arts. She is highly intuitive and skilled in strategic thinking and action and she knows how to produce results – helping you to bring your goals and desires to fruition!

Hillary has expertise in the areas of:

Belief & Reality Shifting
Prosperity Enhancement & Empowerment via a New ‘Money Mentality’
Goal/Dream Attainment via Higher Consciousness Creation Principles
Soul’s Purpose Discovery & Authentic
Self Expression/Beingness/Living Practices
‘New’ Leadership Defining & Confidence Building
Heart Communication & Deeper Listening
Life/Career Design, Balance, Transition
Effortless Success Practices via access to ‘The Flow’
Personal/Professional Effectiveness via Intuitive Problem Solving
‘Perfect Work’ Identification, Creation & Attainment
Entrepreneurial Business Design & Building
Energy Healing/Wholeness, Reiki, EFT (Tapping)