ASCENSION 360º Returns! Let’s talk Ascension Symptoms

Headaches: Are they an Ascension Symptom of your Awakening journey?


Are you having Headaches, Migraines or other aches and pains no one can explain?

Have you been to the doctor, tried medications and alternative methods or upgraded your self care with no results?

In this relaunch A360 segment, Hillary Harris – Intuitive ’Soul’utions Strategist, Dragon Communicator and your New World Ascension Guide – returns to the Internet airwaves to share just what’s up on Planet Earth and how those now aware of Awakening through the Ascension process are experiencing intense, strange or often unexplainable physical, emotional, psychological and vibrational symptoms.

Today Hillary talks about headaches/migraines and how they can be related to natural planetary events. She also explores what you can do about it and shares a sacred Message from The Dragons!

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