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From TLBTV.COM’s The Truth Will Set You Free
Radio Podcast:



In this rich and provocative interview, Hillary and Linda explore:

  • The ‘New’ Money Mentality and How our Frequency plays a role
  • Our Current UPshift – the Awakening process and how you may be experiencing it
  • How to navigate and understand our New World when it comes to: our beliefs, our spirituality,
    creativity, reincarnation, our wellness, Wholeness and how we evolve
  • The arrival of The Dragons! Who they are and what they are here to teach us
  • And so MUCH MORE!



From the Harness Your Creative Power TeleSummit Series:



In this interview, Hillary discusses:

  • Hot to spot on your ‘intuitive hit’
  • Understanding the Ascension process everyone is undergoing at this time
  • Who are The Dragons and what they are here to teach us
  • Connecting with your Inner Creative Essence through the ‘Breath of JoyLight’ Exchange
  • What to do with negative thoughts and stay in Trust with your Prosperity and Creativity
  • The ‘Nobel Intent’ of your Heart

From the Master Your Money Mindset TeleSummit:

New Dimensional ‘Money Mentality’ – What’s Love (and Anger) Got to do With it?

Hillary Harris talks about being an explorer, money blocks, sacred wisdom, and her partnership with… Dragons!  Her purpose and calling with these incredible beings is to guide us in how to receive and then freely live, fully love and abundantly create with integrity and noble intent from what she and The Dragons call the “Heart Fire.”

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • Why The Secret doesn’t work
  • How money is changing and what the New Currency is
  • What The Dragons teach us about Love and Money
  • How to be, what Hillary calls, ‘Ruthlessly Present’