About Hillary


Hello Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journers!

When I first read the words from The Invitation, it struck a deep chord in me. I knew instantly that it truly captured the spirit, the philosophy, the heart and mindset upon which I wanted to create my work and from which I wanted to live my life. That quote was my own “invitation” to step boldly into my purpose and, in turn, invite others to join me.

My journey as a Prosperity Coach, Intuitive ‘Soul’utions Strategist, Speaker and Purpose to Purpose Spiritual Guide, then as a Writer, Radio/Podcast Host and Ascension Guide, began as an Executive Search Consultant many years ago. After assisting so many people in making a career move, I became fascinated with the question of why more of us don’t or won’t follow our hearts to pursue what we really want to be doing, rather than just making a move for a bigger paycheck or a higher position. The answer was eye opening, though not surprising. Fear and Money. In fact, fear around lack of money was the number one reason I heard repeated over and over again stopping people from taking a risk, following a dream, allowing themselves to create a better life. This was true for those who had money – even a lot of it – and those who didn’t! I knew then that Prosperity was to become an important theme in my work. But that was only the beginning.

When who you are is in total agreement, harmony, alignment with your dreams, desires and passions, your values, morals, choices and actions, you are being your Soul Purpose.

~ Hillary Harris

Years ago I read that 85% of us go to work and actually hate what we do each and every day. That statistic, which was true back in 1995 and I suspect is higher now, first shocked and then deeply saddened and concerned me. I certainly wasn’t interested in spending one more moment of my life working in a job or career that I didn’t even like much less hated. I wanted to create work and a life for myself that I truly loved, that was meaningful and that I was passionate and excited about. I longed for an expression that would sustain me and allow me to grow myself, grow my prosperity and impact others. So I decided to make the pursuit of passion my mission, creating it effortlessly or not at all my mantra, and having it be joyous and fun – because if it’s not fun why do it? – my rule of thumb. And, thus, SOUL PURPOSE was born.

For over 26 years my business and my practice have continued to grow and thrive. I have continued to develop my skills and talents, focusing on healing people at deep levels around the issues of beliefs, abundance, attraction, and the power of our energetic selves. My intention is to support you in creating profound, positive and permanent shifts that will alter your life for the better – forever! This is a process. If you are looking for a quick “fix” or a band-aid approach, you won’t find it here. That doesn’t mean you won’t receive immediate results. The level of your readiness determines our pace and your progress.

I feel I have discovered the secrets of how to have an awakened and conscious life while creating a fulfilling and thriving business with an extraordinary level of prosperity and success in these new times and new energies – without the struggle, with effortless ease. Yes, it IS possible and I want to share that with you!

If you are REALLY ready to accept this “invitation” – the invitation to not only learn to think, feel, and believe outside the box, but live there too – meaning truly embody and experience what it takes to receive it – then you are in the right place! I welcome you. I invite you to have a look around. You are now on the path toward your dream, toward greater prosperity, toward a deeper understanding of Who you are and how to best express that in the world. You are on your way to having what you desire, your way… effortlessly! Whether or not you and I are a good fit to be partners in your attaining your desires, just know that there are no accidents and that your being here now indicates your journey has begun.

Prosperous Blessings for an exciting journey and may your destination be satisfying, even thrilling, yet perhaps the least interesting and breathtaking part of your ride!