Nectar of Life


Like a collector of anything precious,

When you take care and time to gather in all the treasures of Life’s experiences – f
inding the gift in the garbage, gleaning the gold from the gunk, drawing the sweet from what appears sour – 

That is when you will authentically appreciate the fullness and Wholeness of its Beauty, a
nd purely come to Know and understand its true Value.

~ Hillary Harris – Prosperity Coach, Intuitive Strategist, Elemental Shaman, Vibrational Catalyst & Ascension Guide


↑ This Bumble Bee gracefully, patiently and persistently moved from flower to flower as she collected pollen.


Is she sporting yellow pants? No! She stores that pollen on an area of her hind legs called ‘pollen baskets’. She will then carry the pollen to her nest to feed her young.


Meanwhile, the fruit of her pollination labor is quite spectacular, yes!? 










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