Our New Liberty …


Is Arising …


This July 4th, the United States is celebrating 244 years since its inception. Still young but, indeed, an already dense history.

Too many lives were lost and a great deal of blood shed in the creation of this nation – one dreamed and deemed to be Progressive, Free, Equal and Democratic.
Though our foundational words declared it to be, we have not been authentically free, equal or democratic for ALL who fought to make it so or toiled to build it beyond a seedling vision.

But this is a new Time.

We are witnessing the birth of a new America, a New World, a new Global Consciousness, a New Humanity,

As this country and the entire planet bend and break down under the weight of old chains and labor pains, breaking open to the birth and the Light of Our Divine Awakening.
And in this Light, we are seeing a new Opportunity and a New and pristine Freedom emerge.
So let us celebrate this Fourth of July – this marking of Independence from tyranny and a stand-taking for basic human rights – with a new feeling, a new focus and from a new intention.
Let us honor our growing Inner-dependence of Self and our expanding Interdependence upon each other,
Where we walk the talk of our Foremother’s and father’s words and actions;
Where we live and embody the dream that was envisioned and inscribed;
Where the only black and white issue we face is the choice to betoken or betray Inclusivity, Truth, Integrity and Honor;

And where Love, Liberty, Freedom and Equality and Justice for ALL are not ephemeral adjectives, but indelible verbs.


~ Hillary Harris – Strategic ‘Soul’utions Intuitive | New Reality Architect | Guardian § Gifter of The Dragons | Dragon Frequency Channel


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