The Only Way Through is WithIN

With the power of July’s ever-intensifying influx of energies and insistent reality shifting only eclipsed by that of the sun’s partial eclipse (July 13th) – with two more to come – and Moon’s New and Full phases, it is all we can do to simply let go and breathe into the wild ride we are on through the ether to Higher Consciousness.

The message to heed now is ‘The only way Through is WIthIN.’  When things ‘out there’ become rough and bumpy, find your inner space and center in the Presence and Stillness from WithIN your own being.

Sure, it may be messy ‘in there’ at times, but that is the one space that is completely your own to decorate how YOU choose. And the beauty of that freedom and full Creation Power is that as you build, your outer world will indeed begin to inform and reflect that inner Soul design.

– Hillary Harris – Intuitive Strategist & Passion to Purpose Guide


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Authentic REALity


I have been saying for years, the more connected we are technologically, the more disconnected we have become personally, locally, communally, organically – completely out of touch and synch from one another and with the natural world.

And, shockingly but perhaps not so surprisingly, recent scientific studies show that the more we stare at our screens (TV, computers, iPads and phones), the higher the incidences of those developing memory damaging plaque in the brain! 😲😱😫 .

It is time to recover our sanity and our ‘Authentic REALity’ – and this is your invitation!

So I ask you to take a step to make a Shift.

 Create just a little time and space each day to pull up a seat (or ottoman 😉) on either side of your window and get comfortable.



Tune IN.


And then simply WATCH …  as you sit in the Stillness of Pure Presence – heart, eyes, ears wide open –

how the scene in front of you comes alive, how the magic unfolds and how new and deeper connections (in brain, body, soul and the world around you) starts to bloom!



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