What’s Spreading Is The Other ‘C’ Word …


Looking Through a New Lens at The Corona ‘Virus’  –

Our Collective Global Activation Experience

by Hillary Harris ~
Strategic ‘Soul’utions Intuitive | Higher Consciousness  Catalyst | Dragon Frequency Channel

A few weeks ago now, as I was listening to the United States Congress speak about America’s first pass at a ‘rescue’ plan, I was wondering how many this ‘virus’ would ultimately impact, how and why – why some and not others, why some more severely than others? All of a sudden I started to receive a download of a great deal of very powerful and potentially controversial information. Before I share what came through, know two things:

First, this information was surprising but also rather freeing and comforting at the same time. You may disagree and that’s okay. However I will ask that you remain open to the message. And if you disagree, that is fine. Perhaps you might keep an open mind or we can agree to disagree.

And second, I do not share this information, nor did I receive it, lightly. These are not platitudes. This is a very critical time in this Awakening – it is, in fact THE pivotal time. It is a marathon, not a sprint. And this time is providing an opportunity to see what is happening from a new perspective, with different eyes.

So, what is exactly happening? This is the Higher Wisdom that came through:

This ‘virus’ is not what most may think it to be. It isn’t about catching something from another. This is, rather, an experience we are all here to have in the process of our Awakening. This is about the flipping on of an inner switch to bring us into alignment individually and globally and onto the next level of our Evolutionary Upshift.

The truth is we all have ‘the virus’, or have the potential for it in our DNA. It is just a matter of ‘Activation’ – who will activate it within themselves, how and to what degree.

After that initial download, I sat further with this information and more continued to pour through me:

This ‘Activation’ depends upon a number of factors – including and involving the biology, psychology, vibrational blueprint and Soul path of both the individual presenting with the virus (at whatever level), and their immediate environment, i.e., their surrounding community, that community’s Collective consciousness, and the higher purpose and Ascension roles that the particular Souls residing in a given area are living into or have agreed upon. That agreement would be part of the prehuman experience of the Soul and their Soul Family and designed to support and assist in our Global Awakening.

Now, this information may be shocking and unsettling for many – particularly on the Human Level. Even as I received some of this information, my Human aspect shuddered because of the massive loss of life in such a terrible manner.  It still does. However, there will be those who Know and deeply understand all of what I am sharing – from the Soul Level. You may even feel empowered with a deeper awareness of who and what is really ‘in control’ of this leg of the journey. This ‘virus’ isn’t a disconnected external enemy or an entity separate with all the power. This is ALL of us untangling from an ancient history of existence whose time has ended. This is a true demarcation point where the last vestiges of broken structures and systems are called out and a clearing for a new foundation upon which all New Creation is being laid.

Please also know that I do not share this information to provoke upset, but instead to provide INsight into what is actually happening to us on the cellular, sub-cellular, quantum, sub-quantum and vibrational levels. And – take careful note – this is, by no means, meant to suggest or advise anyone not to listen to our healthcare specialists/doctors and experts or to ignore or thwart the guidelines and governance mandates that have been put in place to keep us healthy. All of it – the distancing, the masks, the isolation quarantine, the perceived shortages of all types, the temporary economic pause, etc., – all of it is critically important and does have a deeper purpose, offering profound gifts and opportunities – and will address this in my next article – which is coming soon. 

This is, again, to provide, as I always like to do, a new and different perspective, both outwardly and inwardly, on what is actually happening to the Collective WE, happening to our physical and vibrational selves, our Planet and the Universe, or rather Multiverse, in which we reside.

This Activation is indeed part of our Evolutionary Ascension process and is a tipping point in the metamorphosis of our emerging New World and the New Human we are more and more quickly becoming. I have a strong Knowing that the ‘virus’ will not only profoundly change us emotionally and spiritually, but distinctly physically change us as well, waking up those extra strands of DNA long believed to be, or mislabeled as, ‘Junk.’ These additional 10 strands will help us unlock the key to our Spiritual or Divine Being, re-establishing full connection to and with our entire Chakra system and beyond – enabling complete access to our High Heart, our highest abilities and deepest Truths.

In addition, and quite synchronistically, the ‘symptoms’ that have been identified by those experiencing the ‘virus’ each strike at a core or foundational Chakra in our bodies, causing a transformative altering of our energetic/vibrational, physical and also emotional and psychological make ups through integration and clearing of what no longer serves our Human Being aspect. 

Following is a chart of the most familiar basic Chakras and other systems with just some of the ‘symptoms’ experienced in that area of the body and then the Activation that is occurring with the higher Purpose of that Activation. This information in the chart will indeed continue to evolve just as we are evolving moment by moment in this experience.


Chakra/Area of Body



Crown ChakraFever
Strange dreams
  • Burning off density, illusion and lower vibrational aspects;
  • Opening a gateway/channel to new Reality, new dimensionality and Higher Vibrational awareness and Consciousness.
  • Integrating past memory;
  • Clearing old thought patterns;
  • Movement of energy and repatterining of the brain – structure and chemical make up – for opening and expansion of consciousness;
  • Downloading new encodings of Light.
Brain fog
Sudden mind blanks
Lost track of days / time
  • Releasing what no longer serves;
  • Refocusing on The Present/Now moment and only that which is most relevant and critically important;
  • Clearing of mind clutter/chatter;
    Receiving and integrating new encodings of Light.
Third Eye ChakraStuffed head
Runny nose
Sinus pressure
  • Accelerated activation and expansion of the thalamus, pineal and pituitary glands;
  • Awakening and enhancing the ‘inner eye,’ our intuition/extra sensory perception and greater ability for inner Knowing and Higher Vision.
Throat ChakraLoss of taste
Sore throat
  • ‘Loss of taste’ for/clearing ‘the Old’ ways, cleansing the palate for the next ‘course’ of our journey;
  • Opening and clearing our channel of communication for speaking up and speaking Truth – our individual Truths and THE Collective Truth
Heart ChakraLungs attacked
Pneumonia / bronchitis Difficulty breathing
Heaviness, tightness, squeezing in the chest
  • Activation of the great Contraction before our next wave of Expansion;
  • No longer giving ‘air’ to ‘The Old’ (ways, structures, languaging, being, living etc.) as we recalibrate to breathe in ‘The New’;
  • Clearing out and opening the Heart, the High Heart / Seat of the Soul for new and greater capacity for and receptivity to pure, genuine, unconditional, Divine Collective and Self Love.
Power ChakraSense of loss of Identity or Self
  • Stripping away of old or false identity and ‘protections’ used for emotionally distancing from others (i.e., figurative walls, shields, masks, vanities, strategies, manipulations, power plays, egoic barriers, etc.) to open access to our naked/true identity, our deep Love and raw Vulnerability.
Sense of Scarcity
Sense/feeling of Lack:

  • Individually feeling a lack of  power, control, ability to make an impact/difference, etc.
  • Globally experiencing a ‘pandemic of Lack’ – of leadership, cohesion, cooperation, clarity, information, Truth, trust, resources (tests, PPE, ventilators, employment, funding/money, etc.)
  • Shaking up our sense of what is REALity;
  • Waking up to our Divine Nature;
  • Harnessing and redirecting Individual and Collective Fear as a tool and inspired means to impactful, sustainable Change;
  • Integrating and clearing of the ‘lack and scarcity mentality’ via ‘Shock Progress’ (i.e., dire necessity catalyzing immediate creative response and extreme possibility thinking and execution – giving rise to new understanding of and relationship to true Abundance (of ideas, collaboration, ‘soul’utions, opportunities, etc.) beyond all perceived limitations.
Misuse, abuse and shifting of all Power dynamics:

  • in ourselves, our relationships (personal and professional), communities and national and international systems
  • Stripping off/away of our ‘shields’ (i.e., personal and societal guards and protections) to expose Vulnerability as true Strength and authentic Power;
  • Birthing our New Power model, recognized and utilized as an inner force of Love expressed through uninhibited feelings/emotions;
  • Shifting from a mindset of what is externally sought to attain/gain/conquer to a ‘heartset’ of what can be internally sown, grown and shared;
  • Disrupting and flattening of the hierarchical, (i.e., ‘top down,’ totem pole, higher to lower) power paradigm, birthing new forms and styles of dynamic leading, critical thinking and progressive problem solving from a broader, more diverse spectrum of individuals and groups;
  • Emerging of a new kind of Collaborative Cooperative Leadership (compassionate, transparent, inspired) whose focus is purely on service for the Great Good via conscious ‘soul’utions free from greedy, political or financial agendas.
Sacral / Emotional ChakraLow back pain / discomfort
motional lows / upset
Feelings of loss
Sense of loss of Purpose
Sense of disconnection:

  • from the world, others, Self and Source (i.e., God, Spirit, Higher Power, the Multiverse)
  • Entering the ‘Chrysalis Experience’ – the ‘isolation’/cocooning as we dissolve everything of ‘The Old’ and prepare for the New World emergence;
  • Awakening to the REALity of the breaking down of old structures and ways of living and the more abrupt stripping away of the falsities and illusions we have been living in;
  • Recalibration of our Emotional Systems for existence in a new way and world of Global Inclusivity.
  • Processing/preparing for The New – the sudden quieter way of living and being, more time, space, stillness;
  • Relinquishing/releasing ‘control’ as a way of operating, opening a channel for Surrender, Synchronicity and Guided Inspiration as the New means of Creating;
  • Integrating and ‘bringing to Wholeness’ (healing) the density and difficulties in our relationship of Self to other/s and of Self to Self – opening access to real Unconditional Love, Inner Harmony and Authentic Joy
  • Facilitation of facing and embracing ‘negative’ feelings, ‘inner demons’ and the monkey mind with little/less to no opportunity for bypass via escape, distraction or avoidance;
  • Cultivating new understanding of and connection to our Vulnerability and its gifts;
  • Cleansing and integrating of old wounds, ancestral patterns, familial legacies, subconscious/hidden/undistinguished prejudices and unprocessed grief to lay bare and prepare a ‘Womb of Creation’ for new contribution, connection and communication.
Root ChakraDiarrhea
Gut discomfort
  • Clearing out all the dense ‘sh*t’:
  • Evacuating inner and outer (communal) darkness, core blocks, and foundational disempowering beliefs – including, but not limited to
    our personal and Collective concepts of Power – shifting from the Old Masculine energy of an external ‘power over’ (i.e., domination and control) to the New Divine Masculine and Feminine energies of ’Power with’ (i.e., a Collective power created from and by strong community) and ‘Power from’ (i.e., an Individual power coming from within and from a solid grounding in Self Sovereignty).
Meridians (energetic Pathways), Energy Fields and Auric BodyAll-over body aches / pains
Joint and muscle pain
Body shakes, twinging, tingling
Skin and scalp sensitivity
  • Clearing and amping or charging up of Pathways, channels and fields for greater fluidity, clarity and speed of exchange, communication, and interactivity through and between all systems in the physical body (i.e., nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, immune, etc.) and those outside the body – energetic/vibrational – (i.e., electromagnetic, Auric Layers/ Bodies – Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Astral, Etheric Template, Celestial/Causal and Spiritual);
  • Raising of our individual and Collective Vibration and Consciousness
  • Dissolving of our physical, emotional and vibrational density and perceived creation (manifestation) barriers.


As we learn more about this ‘virus’ – or what I truly feel is our grandest Chrysalis Experience yet, we will come to understand more of the ‘symptoms,’ their corresponding transformative effect and the greater Purpose it provides. But this will require all of us to refocus our awareness and hone our New Vision to experience what is happening to every part of and being on this Planet with and from our Divine Eyes

As you read this information, and reread it if or as necessary, I invite you take a breath, take it all in and consider… what is that Purpose? For you? For the Collective WE?

This experience is truly an extraordinary undertaking of our Souls through our Human containers to move out of an outgrown existence and into an expanded embodiment of Life as we know it – and as we have yet to discover it.

The Corona ‘Virus’ is a crucial part of our Evolutionary process, and, yes, it can and will be messy and a rather rough ride at times – from our Human point of view. But down deep and from your Higher Awareness, your Soul will carry you, Knowing that having it and ‘spreading’ it – as ‘the Old’ is stripped away – starkly leaves us ALL in the breach of the New to finally, once and for all, get down to the business of Creating what is next and necessary for the Planet, the Multiverse and all Beings everywhere – as a Whole.  We are not spreading a ‘virus.’ If we can find the gift in this very difficult moment, we will awaken to the Truth that what we are really spreading … is Love and the seeds of Change.

You are invited to share this article providing you include full and proper credit.


Hillary Harris, Founder of SOUL PURPOSE, is ‘THE’ Original Prosperity Coach and an internationally recognized Strategic ’Soul’utions Intuitive § Passion to New Purpose Guide. With 22+ years awakening minds and expanding hearts, she facilitates designing and executing ‘Soul’utions for Success’ through deep fulfillment and satisfaction.

As a global pioneer of the Ascension, Higher Vibrational § Consciousness Catalyst and Host of her radio show/podcast ASCENSION 360º, Hillary has become the trusted guide and go-to clarion voice of INsight and calm during our Planet’s unprecedented and often soul-shaking metamorphosis.

Her most sacred ‘work’ is an unexpected Partnering with .… Dragons! As Guardian § Gifter of The Dragons and 16th Dimensional Channel for Dragon Frequencies, Hillary shares their extraordinary Wisdom for boldly creating, expressing and living from ‘Ruthless Presence’ and ‘The Sacred Heart Fire.’

For more about Hillary and how she can assist during these intense transition Times, visit: www.ascension360.net  or  www.hillaryharris.com


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TODAY – The Worthy Mindset …




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Clean and Clear …

For The New Year  

My Dear Fellow ‘Soul’Journers ~

When the time has come to release or integrate something – something intense, heavy or simply something that may be pulling at or drawing down our energy in a significant manner, I find it extremely helpful to do a little clearing and cleansing.

2018 in its entirety – we can probably all agree – is something that fits into this category, yes? One of the more mind-skewing, breath-taking, heart-piercing, even soul-scorching periods in our history – unprecedented now a word ironically common to describe it.

So as we both reflect upon what was and then prepare for how we choose to create moving forward, let’s do so with a fresh slate and a clean and clear vibrational palate, if you will.

Grab your sage stick or light that fire pit and ‘Crystal up,’ as I like to say (gather up or don your favorite gems and stones), and bathe your Spirit in some pure and clarifying Nothingness (no-thing-ness).  Reset yourself and get ready… cuz 2019 … Here . We . Come!  


~ Hillary Harris – Intuitive Soul Purpose Guide | New Vibrational Catalyst | Dragon Guardian § Gifter | Elemental Shaman | Truth, Clarity § Prosperity Conduit  

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On Anger

Let’s stop the Anger and general ‘negative’ emotion shaming!
Anger is not ‘bad’ or ‘good’ or, in fact, any better or worse than any other emotion on the feeling spectrum. It is simply an experience that holds a vibration and energy. When expressed in a healthy way, Anger can be a productive and necessary means of Creation, of shifting vibration, of moving energy, of coming to Wholeness (healing) and is a natural aspect of our Humanness.
If we deny it, we are in resistance to an aspect of ourselves, our very Being, and thus we move into a perception of separation from the Essence of Self and from God Source – The Oneness.
This false sense of separation creates disruption and disturbance in our vibrational field and disillusion in our Vibrational Truth. This shifts REALity and perpetuates division and fear. It also causes dis-ease.
If, however, we can wholly embrace the experience of our Anger – i.e., we allow it, feel it to its root and be curious about its message – we are demonstrating an honoring of our Wholeness and an ease with the Fullness of ALL that we are. This unclogs the energetic pathway and the emotion can move through unfettered, granting access to the space and place of authentic Joy.
This pure and true experience of Joy is not something we can go looking to find. That would be seeking a manufactured outcome and the Soul does not resonate with the synthetic or forced.
Instead we must entirely surrender to simply having the experience – whatever it is, however we are feeling inside of it and for however long it engages with us… WITHOUT our attachment to any of it. (Aye, therein lies the rub! 😉) But that is when the most beautiful and pristine seeds of Joy will gently, quietly, gracefully drop into your spirit and begin to organically bloom.
And this shifts REALity and amplifies Unity and Love. 🙏💗

~ Hillary Harris – Intuitive Soul Purpose Guide | New Vibrational Catalyst | Elemental Shaman | Truth, Clarity § Prosperity Conduit


*image: ‘Learning to Let Go’ by casia-joy-art.myshopify.com

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The space to BE

It is critical – now more than ever – to allow space to just BE.

To Be for the sake of itself and to learn to Be in Stillness in that space.

Decompress. Be quiet. Let the world go on while the Soul has a chance to sink in to the skin.

This is how to embody the both/and of existence.

This is how to embrace our new Higher Human Divine Essence.

~ Hillary Harris – Intuitive Soul Purpose Guide, New Vibrational Catalyst, Truth § Clarity Conduit



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Authentic REALity


I have been saying for years, the more connected we are technologically, the more disconnected we have become personally, locally, communally, organically – completely out of touch and synch from one another and with the natural world.

And, shockingly but perhaps not so surprisingly, recent scientific studies show that the more we stare at our screens (TV, computers, iPads and phones), the higher the incidences of those developing memory damaging plaque in the brain! 😲😱😫 .

It is time to recover our sanity and our ‘Authentic REALity’ – and this is your invitation!

So I ask you to take a step to make a Shift.

 Create just a little time and space each day to pull up a seat (or ottoman 😉) on either side of your window and get comfortable.



Tune IN.


And then simply WATCH …  as you sit in the Stillness of Pure Presence – heart, eyes, ears wide open –

how the scene in front of you comes alive, how the magic unfolds and how new and deeper connections (in brain, body, soul and the world around you) starts to bloom!



~ To Partner with Hillary to Create Heart-centric ‘Soul’utions for Success and learn how to ‘See with the Eyes of Your Heart’! click here.