The Gift…

Of Fear


There are those who claim Fear is a negative and who will tell you that you must eliminate it all together from your vibrational field. I would like to offer the Multi-versal perspective.
Fear is just one emotion along the broad scale and rich spectrum of Full Human Experience. As with any emotion, it exists to be felt, consciously experienced, and then moved through – not to become defining, dwelled upon or in.
If we keep labeling Fear as ‘bad’ and expend energy in its resistance, we give it far too much power and not enough appreciation of its true Gift – as a critical indicator of what is needing our attention and a valuable tool providing a precious opportunity for awakening and expansion.

Once embraced, Fear becomes demystified and can then be perceived differently by your Being. It can occur more like that eccentric Aunt who leaves that bright pink lipstick stain on your cheek – a bit uncomfortable, not always welcome, but ultimately priceless for the color and adventure brought into your world!


~ Hillary Harris – Intuitive Soul Purpose Guide | New Vibrational Catalyst | Elemental Shaman | Truth, Clarity § Prosperity Conduit



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